Ice Scream Tycoon-Ice Scream Tycoon v1.0.6 MOD APK (Free Rewards, No ADS)

Ice Scream Tycoon-Ice Scream Tycoon v1.0.6 MOD APK (Free Rewards, No ADS) title=

Ice Scream Tycoon

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The infamous Keplerians Ice Scream villain, Rod Sullivan, has kidnapped you and forced you into servitude. The object of this time-wasting game is to keep Rod Sullivan’s factory operating as he goes about his evil business of chasing J and making kids obese. Never fear, though; the Mini Rods are here to assist you. This time-wasting game has you churning out ice cream in exchange for money and jewels that can be used to improve Rod Sullivan’s ice cream factory and purchase additional Mini Rods. Rod Sullivan might drop by the factory, so keep your eyes on him. As a result, productivity will increase quickly, and resources will be more accessible than before.

This is a mindless game based on the Ice Cream Saga. You become Rod’s servant in the game. Rod, ever the gentleman, inquires about your identity at the game’s outset. But since your name, like all names, is dull to Rod, he has resorted to calling you “Junior.” Next, like in previous games in the series, the player is tasked with repairing Rod’s factory while Rod pursues J. and his pals. The Mini Rods can be used to assist the plant operation.

Mini Rods are essential for creating ice cream and earning in-game currency such as gold and gems that can be used to expand Rod’s factory and purchase additional Mini Rods. Rod plans to check in on his factory every hour for five minutes to see how things are progressing. For the duration of this period, you will have access to a spin-and-win game that will reveal whether you will receive an increase in resources or an increase in energy for the Mini Rods, allowing you to speed up the factory’s output and obtain resources more quickly. An angry Rod symbol will become angrier if your arrow touches him, freezing everything in its vicinity and slowing down factory output.