Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder Publisher Happy Labs-Restaurant Paradise v1.11.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder Publisher Happy Labs-Restaurant Paradise v1.11.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) title=

Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder Publisher Happy Labs


Restaurant Paradise is a game for people with an eating soul. They are involved in the restaurant’s management and operate it to bring in adequate revenue. Delicious cuisines from all over the world, from dessert to the main course, are beautifully decorated and fresh. Massive fresh salad plates and beautiful drinks will be placed on the party table.

Restaurant areas can be expanded and refreshed with more elements such as plants and flowers, and it will create a luxurious space for your culinary island. Tasty food and drinks, along with the service quality of the staff and the cozy modern restaurant space, will bring a sense of fun and attraction for players.


Players may use Restaurant Paradise to collect ingredients to make various dishes. They can produce delectable sweets such as apple crumble, cheesecake, and chocolate mousse. Seafood, spaghetti, and corned beef are among the main courses, and these can be served with side dishes such as salads. Smoothies, milkshakes, and beverages are available to guests.


To get more friends to visit your restaurant, the player must upgrade the areas. The processing area can be improved to create more dishes. The guest area will be decorated with many flowers and plants to create a warm atmosphere. In addition, new ingredients are regularly purchased to create different types of food and drinks.

Events to attract customers to your restaurant and introduce new dishes to them is a way for you to increase your income in Restaurant Paradise. Each new round can run food fairs to receive attractive rewards. Moreover, food festivals are also held to promote the culinary culture of your restaurant.


Once players have accumulated a lot of money, they must plan to expand the restaurant. There are many land sizes to expand, and you will start upgrading with the size 18×16. You can rearrange the space and decorate the restaurant. The island is larger, the more restaurants will be built, and the more money will be earned.

Restaurant Paradise brings moments of entertainment and happiness when players will directly participate in the food processing activities. A beautiful city with many restaurants and unique dishes will be created. Not only that, events and food fairs will be organized so that people around the world can enjoy the food of your restaurant. Players will be free to come up with ideas to upgrade ingredients, restaurants, and equipment to serve everyone. If you are a person who is passionate about food and drinks, this game makes you lost in a culinary paradise with hundreds of delicious and cheap dishes.


There are new foodies and unique items at each level that requires the players have to unlock to playCan claim precious rewards after running successful food fairsCustomers can have feedbacks such as like it, tasty or inaccessible after eating at the restaurantCan receive special spices after each new roundVisit other players’ unique culinary islands and get their tipsShare coin rankings with other players to see which player manages the best restaurantPerform the tasks like reviewing other restaurants, building a dock, and securing the game to get awards and items