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Only Survivor


It’s fun to acquire and level up your arsenal in this roguelike action RPG. Cousins of Archer and Van Saba! As a Vansaba action RPG, Only Survivor features hacks and slashes that vary in type depending on the player’s weapon. Using each weapon’s primary attack style requires a different positioning strategy, which is intriguing to observe. The reinforcement materials are gathered by an archer-like element that also improves equipment with hacks and slashes. You can also enjoy the skill made to construct an entire attack.

Due to the automated nature of the attacks, the only input the player needs to provide is the ability to slide their character in the direction they wish to go. Let’s start gathering the loot that helps you level up and beat enemies. Three random skills will be added to your repertoire when you gain a level. Please try to develop your preferred build, as the attack method and combat style might differ greatly depending on the skill set. The tools are extracted from the toolbox, and the stage is leveled using the reinforcement material that falls to the floor. Choosing the right equipment is intriguing, as it grants a wide variety of abilities in addition to attack and defense. Also, when you level up, remember that you will have access to new thieves (passive talents).

Combat in the Van Saba system is like dodging projectiles while your opponent’s forces launch an automatic attack. However, like the archer system, this one features replayable elements like equipping and improving weapons and armor for each section. It cannot be emphasized enough how enjoyable hacking can be. In the original Van Saba homage, combinations are crucial to the evolution of attacks. Still, I’m delighted this game has a straightforward specification that allows you to advance simply by reaching the MAX level. In addition, icons representing the things that benefit from the reinforcement provided by combining skills are shown when a skill is learned, making it easy for newcomers to pick up. Each weapon’s loadout is tailored to a certain purpose, and the weapons themselves are versatile. A straight shot with a short range in the direction of motion is achieved with “Shuriken,” for example, if equipped; otherwise, auto aim magic is utilized. Find a format that works well for you and work to improve it.